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Traducción al inglés de "Werte schaffen Werte": Wickert trifft...Kaulitz

Traducción al inglés de Werte schaffen Werte: Wickert trifft...Kaulitz
Wickert: Berlin is the city i would love to live most. Because Berlin is a metropolis. - What is it that makes a city a metropolis? In first place because of it´s international culture. And i like cities that are „broken“. Because it is broken there is going to grow something new and people want to try something new. Here are young cinese people, young russians, young french guys, who feel they are going to find a new space and freedom to create something new, which in other cities is not possible.

I find this biography of this young guy very fascinating because he did grow his own identity in a very young age. He said „i want to be different than other people … and i do it even if other people are mobbing me therefore“. And i do find that very fascinating indeed.

Bill: For me Ulrich Wickert is …. that was when i was about 16 / 17 years old, when he did the „tagesthemen“ news. And of course i did not watch it then. But of course he is very well known and a personality also in my generation. He is very well known and he had a very important job at this time …. and you feel always that he is commited to the things / themes he works on. He has not been a boring guy talking about the breaking news and you could always feel and understand what he explained. And i never had the feeling he would point with fingers at people. Especially my family was very excited and positiv when i told them i will meet Ulrich Wickert and we will spend the day together. I suppose i could never achieve more than with this dialog partner. Therefore i am glad to get the chance to meet him.

Bill: This hotel is the hotel where we are staying always when we are in germany. And it feels almost like our own house.

Wickert: You have been staying here once for three month after your surgery?

Bill: Exactly. And then i came back…. i wasn´t here for a longer while and they thought they do me a favour if they give the same room to me i had before. But when i got into the room i thought „oh no, i have to get out of here“ because the time i spent in this room was the probably most strenous and worst period in our career. That was when my voice was gone and this was also a big pressure on me psychologically. We were anxious about what would come and how it will go on.

Wickert: what exactly was going on with your voice?

Bill: I had some cists on my vocal cords and i couldn´t give a tone anymore. The voice was totally gone.

Wickert: oh god ….. and how did you communicate then? Did you write notes?

Bill: Yes i had little notes i wrote ….. and of course there was my brother who helped me. Because that is so very special about us …. we only have to look in each others face and he did know immediately what i wanted to say. So he was a bit of a mouthpiece for me then.

Wickert: So your brother is the very perfect partner to you?

Bill: Absolutely, i mean, yes. This will be a very special and constant partnership all our live through, yes.

Wickert: And how would you describe yourself both. Is one of you the weaker one and one the stronger one?

Bill: Well i think we are supplemental to each other. I mean, he has …. we have both our weaknesses and acutally we do give impulses to each other if one of us has a lack of energy .. the other one will help out and give strength.

Bill: This is a very famous studio and recording room where very famous artists have recorded, like David Bowie.

Wickert: I had one question comiing up to my mind ….everybody has his own identity. The identity grows through through things you experience where you are raised …. and through the language and things you hear, or you learn through your family. And you have started to grow your own identiy when you were 8 / 9 years old. How comes?

Bill: Well Tom and me have been very similar up to the age ot 6 or 7. Up to that point we looked completely the same, wore the same cloth and had names on our pullovers so that people at the kindergarden or the teachers could see who was who. And after that we grew a bit apart and had different interests, also the taste in music was different. Probably this happened because as a twin you are always only recognized as „the twins“. Quite often people did not call us at our names but only called us „the twins“. And probably this was the reason why we wanted to get an individual personality and to develope each in his very extreme way. And this happened in our very extreme look which each of us had in his own way. Of course we had a lot of very different phases but were always very extreme. He looked very extreme and i looked very extreme. And so all in one we were very eye-catching. And of course we did not go the easiest way. But for me i found it very important at the early age to be free in what i do. I have always had a little rebel in me … and i still have it now, who wants to be free in his whole outfit and also his music. Freedom is very important to me. It was like this already when i was very young.

Wickert: Well yes, freedom is also such an important and impressing thing in my point of view. But i suppose you felt the urge to be different, because people did not give the freedom to you, right?

Bill: well yes … one will very often be treated in an unfair way. And i acutally always did choose the more difficult way ….. and as long as i felt i was right i wanted the people to accept that. This started already in school. We had massive problems in school …. i really hated it to go there every morning. And if i do look back now i realize that i choose it to be extreme. But as soon as the teachers and other people in school did say „he can not come to school with make-up on his eyes, that´s not good“ i would do it even with darker eye-shadow the next day, and my hair got even more black. And so we went from one extreme to the next … and we did not make it really easy for our selfes. But this was my urge … i wanted to be different. I always had very good results in school, which i wanted for myself …. but i wanted to be treated as everybody else.

Wickert: If i got to know some people which were infuriate i did break with them and did not want to give it a try again. So i am personally very radical soemtimes .. but maybe i am because i want to save myself.

Bill: Yes, and i think that every one is searching for a person who has the same value system. And even if you meet someone and think at the beginning it „could“ fit and then you realize it doesn´t work. And in the end i think in a partnership – private or business - you have to find someone where you get along with on the same terms. Because otherwise it doesn´t function. And as long you have people who really hate you, you can be sure there will also be People who love you …. and so you know everything you do is alright. If someone takes his freedom to express what he wants and loves which other people do not allow themselfes to do there are the extremes are very close to each other. My feeling was always that i do everything right as long as some people do hate you and i always got along very well with that, because at the end of the day this brings you forward somehow.


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