lunes, enero 16, 2012

BTK App – Now Available on iTunes

BTK App – Now Available on Tunes

BTK Personal Messenger – Now Available on iTunes!

Awesome news for all Aliens with Apple devices. Bill and Tom’s BTK App is finally available on iTunes. This is your chance to share everything with them! Exclusive pics, videos, music, secret messages and tons of other cool stuff is waiting for you - uncensored, private and 100% Bill and Tom non-stop.

Ready to dive into the twin's life? Head over to your local iTunes store to get the BTK app. Bill & Tom are waiting for you - join them and become an alien!

Direct links to the BTK app on iTunes in...

> Mexico
> Germany
> France
> Italy

..or search your local iTunes store for the BTK app. It's available world wide.

Of course, you can also get the app at the Android Market:

> Download app from Android Market (any country)

The BTK app is available world wide. One time costs to get it is $2,99 and after the content subscription is $0,99 per month.

Have fun!
Your TokioHotel Team


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