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Tokio Hotel Day Italia

Tokio Hotel Day Italia

↘ Do you want to show your support and your love for the band?
↘ Do you want to let them know that Italy has one of the best fanbase in the world?
↘ Do you want to help us to overtake the language and geographic barriers which wont stop us raising our voice? welcome to the official page of Tokio Hotel Day Italy!

This project comes from an idea of Jody Losito and it will take place on -thanks to a survey in which the date was previously decided- THE 25TH OF MARCH 2012.
The purpose of this fanmeeting is to unite all the italian Tokio Hotel fans in 3 different cities:Milan, Rome & Palermo respectively in Piazza Duomo, Laghetto dell'EUR & Politeama.
We will celebrate the band, promote it, spending all day long together sharing the same interest. There will be a lot of planned activities which will involve all participants; we will show our support to the band as also to the famous animal rights campaign PETA (People for the EthicalTreatment of Animals). As you probably know, the Kaulitz twins were deeply touched by this campaign, and we will give them a reason to be proud of us too!
We will give you informative material about this campaign, because we want people to understand that animal abuse is really miserable and we are sure that this cause will have a strong politic and social impact.
At the end of the day we will give you some gadgets because we want it to be a pleasant day to remember, hoping to give you the warmest welcome and the best reliability.

▲ We want everyone to be polite, to collaborate with us and to have respect for the others.
▲ Any participant with an/a offensive / derogatory / incorrect attitude towards the others will be immediately dismissed.

→ We always request opinions and suggestions because you're a part of this event so you have the same rights as us to tell us your ideas.
→ Everyone who wants to help us to spread the word for this project is welcome. WE NEED YOU TO PROMOTE US AND LET OUR DREAM COME TRUE! You can contact us via private message (if you want something more direct) or you can send us an e-mail here: (if you come from abroad you can better contact Erika who is able to speak German, English & French).

◢ If you become one of our sponsors, you will enjoy a lot of advertising for your page/blog/Tumblr or whatever and in exchange you have to advertise us the more you can!

The official program of the day will be available soon, wait and see! ;-)

Grazie a Serena


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