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gekirock- entrevista

gekirock- entrevista

Posted: 10 Feb 2011 01:20 PM PST

TOKIO HOTEL: Bill Kaulitz (Vo) Tom Kaulitz (Gt)
Interviewer: MAY-E
- Congratulations, first visit to Japan. Today is so busy with interviews, are you enjoying Japan?
B: Yeah, of course! I loves it. From that day coverage certainly, I think I hope I 見Retara out more, but we just could not come to Japan, I'm happy! Tomorrow is likely to be made tourism.
- Actually try to come to Japan, to have been in Japan until the image is it not broken?
T: Ha ha! (Laughs) That will be fine. Japan, the city is large, colorful, because I heard a crazy country, and many of those that I do not know that kind of place. Look at it this way, they built many buildings, but I think it'll really beautiful country. Tomorrow I want to see the various Japanese!
- Yes. HOTEL TOKIO is a Japanese Are there not also been used as part of the band names and lyrics.
B: When you're in the studio in Germany, "If you set a goal pains, trying to reach as far as their" I'm wondering. Band name = TOKIO Tokyo so I'm putting. Today, you're able to come to Japan this way, tomorrow is whether what the Japanese culture and music, to make sure I actually own eyes.

T: Also consider the history of the band, Tokyo is a city I'm very important to us. We could thus come to Tokyo that actually is why I really emotional.
- Yes. Germany and Japan far but it would have been a Myspace and Facebook fans in Japan through opportunities such as touch.
T: Yeah. We personally I only use E-mail about (laughs) I did for the band's official Myspace and Facebook, you can see what it has made a big community where we'll be conscious. Of course, you are growing, and that the followers of the Japanese fans. The opportunity of this visit, I hope that more and more I thought it was more like the Japanese.
- My original plan Darkside Of The Sun [Japan] Congratulations on the release. Humanoid past three titles [], [Scream], [] Humanoid City Live is that all 16 songs were selected from, what I really luxurious. What are you made this selection is also a member?
T: Yes, we chose?

B: This is the album I was planned specifically for the Japanese. But has so far released an album in many countries, Japan has become the most slowly. That's why I thought I try to work the best. Have been recorded from all the singles so far, past and present, I can hear it all here in the beginning of the history we are. I think we have to say that finished in the best album titles.
- Two studio albums has become pieces of the base] and [[Scream] Humanoid What will work with the themes was how each of them?
B: First is the debut album [Scream] us, a work I first recorded a proper studio. As the title, and scream out loud that all the emotions of our time, "We're here!" It is such a strong album incorporates energy I appeal to everyone. But [it is] Humanoid'm a completely different work. And had gained some experience in the studio ...

T: Co I called to produce some credit.

B: Exactly (laughs). Minutes accustomed to studio work, Humanoid] ['m able to concentrate on the creative part. I met people of various countries around the world, was able to work with them, I had a different inspiration. SF is like a futuristic theme of the album like a movie.
- All right. HOTEL TOKIO is mainly dynamic sound with catchy melodies, I'm evolving into more and more dramatic.
B: This band, I'm totally different musical tastes have four members. I called to be like without the band first of all is one. Have brought the band from each of the four effects, TOKIO HOTEL I guess today's sound was born. We grown up together since childhood, this band has been doing the countless live. I'm sympathetic to each other so many aspects of each other.

TOKIO HOTEL: Bill Kaulitz (Vo) Tom Kaulitz (Gt)
Interviewer: MAY-E
- Influences on the GUNS N 'ROSES and AEROSMITH has raised or anything.
B: AEROSMITH is, I do not mean it's legendary rock bands. Nowadays too, is not the band have never known such a large scale?

T: Yes. Dattari female solo artist, rapper and hip-hop group is something, but there are a lot like the big guns to release our next album, the band does not rock easily. Hit single, the band just as quickly disappear. So we GUNS N 'ROSES and AEROSMITH I have respect for bands like that.
- All right. HOTEL TOKIO is not only the visual aspect is also a creative band sound, a rock band can relate to modern times What are you?
B: PEAS EYED BLACK I think is great. And the concept of the album, I'm well done until the band live and video clips. As producers and songwriters, all of which are involved in I think it's very cool. You're the rest 30SECONDS TO MARS. Latest video clips of "Hurricane" is also very good it! They also, I'm a creative bands that care about detail.

T: Well, number one band, TOKIO HOTEL but it (laughs)

All: (laughs)
- Yes (laughs) Now, 挙Gatta 30SECONDS TO MARS HOTEL TOKIO and the resonance can be part of the stance of the band going and I guess more background.
B: That's right! 30SECONDS TO MARS is a great thing, I'm the high quality first. As well as sound, Jared as a singer is really wonderful. They also can we, I'm a perfectionist. When there is something for the award ceremony, I had also met with almost every other day with them (laughs)

T: Jared, there is nothing really good people.
- Plenty of music awards so far grabbed TOKIO HOTEL success, but please tell me the future plans.
B: The next target, you're World Tour! From there they realize that dominated the market in the world, I want to get into the next world tour experience.

T: We got a music award, but 90 so far as it is thanks to everyone working hard fan vote. But I have not got Grammy yet (laughs)

B: Yeah. Well as at the Grammy Awards, I know it was hard on me to write a comment like the Internet ...

T: I'm just at that time was not released.

B: Yes. Work has been released without, but I unfortunately missed. So next, I aim for a Grammy! (Laughs)


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